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CHATBOTS: A conversation between tech and story.

The story of chatbots is a story of our times. Exuberance, excitement, fear, confusion, it’s a story with many shades and emotions. With the market growing at over 30% and with many companies, both large and small, joining the chatbot innovation wave, we wanted to put together a report that goes behind the buzz, the data and the opinions, to simplify what chatbots mean – for all of us.


The active knowledge base for professional customer service

Your service team is the first and often only contact customers have with your company. That’s why quick answers and solutions that meet the customer’s needs are crucial for a positive impact on the service center’s KPIs.

 A killer knowledge base is the key to your customer support strategy and this is why use of smart knowledge management systems in service centers is increasingly becoming a critical factor for success.

white paper marketing

3 indispensable white paper marketing success factors

Every recipe for success is based on the right ingredients. The following three ingredients are indispensable for successful white paper marketing… Every B2B marketer knows that white papers are a great marketing and sales tool for their business. Of course, they now want to use White Paper successfully. So what could your white paper marketing success…

White paper by Guavus on Virtualization

Leveraging Machine Intelligence and Operations Analytics to Assure Virtualized Networks and Services

This white paper focuses on a valuable use-case, which leverages operations analytics (OA) and machine intelligence (MI) to drive a variety of resource allocations within virtualized networks. This resource allocation applies both within the “cloud” and in the access network.

This paper also explores an emerging concept: “Software-Defined Operations (SDO),” which applies Software-Defined Networking’s (SDN’s) separation of data and control planes to key pieces of modern care and operations equipment.

Stage-based marketing

White Paper Approaches Based on Sales Cycles

White papers are suitable for continuous use throughout all phases of the sales cycle of tech buyers. It is therefore important to cover specific aspects of the individual phases of their sales cycle with corresponding white papers. Facilitate each stage of the buying process by feeding appropriate information to help buyers confidently reach from one…

Do You Have a Framework for Digital Success?

Do You Have a Framework for Digital Success?

Free, perfect, and now. That is the definition of customer expectations in the Digital Age. Technologies to meet those expectations exist in abundance. But frankly, that’s part of the problem..

Organizations need new skills to effectively implement an expanding set of digital capabilities, such as artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, the internet of things (IoT), and robotic process automation (RPA).

Evolve without risk. Modernise with Hyper Converged IT for infrastructure scalability without compromise

Evolve without risk. Modernise with Hyper Converged IT for infrastructure scalability without compromise

Modernize your infrastructure across compute, storage, and networking — with common management across all three.

Data Centre Infrastructure is on the cusp of change. In an era where speed and performance are critical, moving to a software-centric approach in every area of the data center is the only way to get ahead. This eBook is your first step into the future.