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CHATBOTS: A conversation between tech and story.

The story of chatbots is a story of our times. Exuberance, excitement, fear, confusion, it’s a story with many shades and emotions. With the market growing at over 30% and with many companies, both large and small, joining the chatbot innovation wave, we wanted to put together a report that goes behind the buzz, the data and the opinions, to simplify what chatbots mean – for all of us.

White paper by Guavus on Virtualization

Leveraging Machine Intelligence and Operations Analytics to Assure Virtualized Networks and Services

This white paper focuses on a valuable use-case, which leverages operations analytics (OA) and machine intelligence (MI) to drive a variety of resource allocations within virtualized networks. This resource allocation applies both within the “cloud” and in the access network.

This paper also explores an emerging concept: “Software-Defined Operations (SDO),” which applies Software-Defined Networking’s (SDN’s) separation of data and control planes to key pieces of modern care and operations equipment.