The MVNO market is still an expensive and risky business for many companies and many still fail in the industry.

It requires thorough telecom landscape knowledge, as well as an excellent marketing strategy to access a specific segment and become successful.

There are plenty of examples of successful and flourishing MVNOs but it is heavily dependent on the investment in technology, marketing and operational support.

This white paper by Computaris- a recognized market leader in telecom-  is suitable for the organizations being interested in starting an MVNO business or already running MVNOs that look at further investments in techno




Find out what MVNOs should keep in mind as they chart this new course.  Learn in this whitepaper:

Why some MVNOs flourish, while others fail?

What are the main steps to succeed as an MVNO in a mature market?

Recommended approach when MVNOs are considering investing in technology

Levels of knowledge on technology or marketing the MVNOs need various types of help with

Business Support functions the MVNO may want to be informed about

Analysis of top priorities MVNOs may have before choosing the most suitable technology to their business needs.


 Presented by: Computaris


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