Stage-based marketing

White papers are suitable for continuous use throughout all phases of the sales cycle of tech buyers. It is therefore important to cover specific aspects of the individual phases of their sales cycle with corresponding white papers. Facilitate each stage of the buying process by feeding appropriate information to help buyers confidently reach from one stage of the sales cycle to the next will help them with making a favorable purchase decision. To do so, you should make sure to address their possible questions in a targeted manner through the white papers.


Here is an example of different white paper approaches in different phases of buyer’s sales cycle:


  1. Problem Detection Phase

At the beginning of a purchase or investment decision process, the potential end users or users of the services and products are often more involved to make their work easier and more effective/efficient.

A white paper suitable for this phase should therefore address the main concerns and questions of end users directly.

The starting point for the white paper would be, for example, recognizable trends in its industry and survey results, as well as new research findings or practical challenges that its products or services can help address.


  1. Alternatives and Suppliers Search Phase / Negotiation Phase

In these phases, the “Organization influencers” (Consultants, technicians, lawyers) often play a major role. Especially, when it comes to compliance with standard and company frameworks.

For example, IT staff responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of new hardware and software will be very interested in whether and to what extent the services and products under discussion will make their lives easier or more difficult.

A good starting point for corresponding white papers could be a technology overview of your products or solution that exemplifies how the implementation process works and how simply your products integrate with existing IT architectures / technology landscapes.


  1. Purchase or Decision Phase

A white paper for this phase must “pick up” the budget-responsible decision-makers in their worries, such as Chief Financial Officers, accounting or purchasing managers.

Good starting points for an effective white paper in this phase therefore provide evidence or proof of:

  • Potential savings
  • Efficiency gains
  • Revenue and earnings increases.

Did you realize how important it is to provide sales support in a strategic and concerted manner through your white papers?