Five Ways Small Businesses are Powering Growth with Marketing Automation

marketing automation technology

Marketing automation is a game changer for small businesses working with small marketing and sales teams — and [...]

Changing Your Organization’s Mindset on Talent Management Analytics

talent management analytics

Talent Management Analytics or workforce analytics technology has overwhelmed its clients as far as capacities. Long [...]

Enterprise Case Study: Breaking Through Process Silos to Improve the Customer Experience

improve the customer experience

Today's contact centers are frequently kept from achieving their most extreme profitability, which is expected to a [...]

8 Great Ways to Improve Your Quarter-end Analysis

quarter end analysis

All too often, finance departments face the same challenges at the end of every reporting period--whether it's [...]

A B2B eCommerce Playbook


B2B e-Commerce is growing faster than ever. By using B2B e-Commerce, companies can improve communications among [...]

When should an MVNO invest in technology?

mvno technology

The MVNO market is still an expensive and risky business for many companies and many still fail in the industry. It [...]

Importance of Functional Software Testing


Almost similar to black box testing, functional software testing is an efficient method to validate the stability of an [...]

The Telecom Industry Tunes in to the Customer Experience

telecom industry customer experience

As telecommunications companies continue to battle for customer loyalty, the key differentiator to help brands to [...]

Telecom industry – the expatriate consumer segment


The telecom industry has been critical to the process of digital transformation programs to keep up pace with the leaps [...]

Test Automation “To be or not to be”

test automation white paper listing

Test managers of today's enterprises often face the dilemma - to or to not automate the testing work- while considering [...]

Practices for Maximizing Value from Software Testing


There are several practices in software testing process through which balance between quality, project cost, and [...]

Building the Healthcare System of the Future

Building the Healthcare System of the Future

The future of healthcare services in the United States is evolving quickly. Health insurers are figuring out a way to [...]

How Digital Is Quickly Reshaping Customer Experience Processes

Customer Experience Processes

This is the time of the digital customer, a period when offering client support" isn't satisfactory. In this time of [...]