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This white paper focuses on a valuable use-case, which leverages operations analytics (OA) and machine intelligence (MI) to drive a variety of resource allocations within virtualized networks. This resource allocation applies both within the “cloud” and in the access network.

This paper also explores an emerging concept: “Software-Defined Operations (SDO),” which applies Software-Defined Networking’s (SDN’s) separation of data and control planes to key pieces of modern care and operations equipment. For example, if one views technical support calls as the data then the Interactive voice response (IVR) system is the equivalent of a router (and, thus, part of the data plane) and programming that IVR system is, thus, part of the control plane. With that concept established, the paper looks at the power SDO can have when combined with Operations Analytics.

Read this white paper that also talks about:

  • Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence & Operations Analytics
  • How does Machine Intelligence & Operations Analytics Apply to Virtualization?
  • Operations Analytics Use Cases
  • Operations Analytics systems which can address virtualization use cases in real time


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